Be Creative (1)

Mar 4, 2022
Genesis 1:27 NLT

Why do we celebrate the birth of our children? Because we helped to create something that bears part of our image. In doing so, we reflect God’s own creativity. The famous American football coach Vince Lombardi said, ‘The joy is in creating, not maintaining.’

It’s a mistake to believe that God is only interested in ‘spiritual’ things and not ‘secular’ things. Yes, we must grow spiritually. But we must also use the gifts He’s given us to fulfil His purpose here on the earth, and to bless others.

You don’t have to be rich or a brilliant scholar in order to be creative. You could be creative with a needle and thread, or come up with a new recipe, or create a job opportunity for prisoners so they can rebuild their lives. That’s not just secular, that’s spiritual! You’ll notice that the cross has two posts: vertical and horizontal. The vertical post represents your relationship with God, what He wants to do for you and what He wants you to do for Him. The horizontal post represents what He’s called us to do for each other. You say, ‘But I’m not very creative.’

Once you discover your God-given gift, it will release your creativity. Paul writes, ‘Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them.’ (Romans 12:6 NKJV) Stop putting yourself down just because you are not as creative as you’d like to be. Creative thinking isn’t necessarily original thinking. Most often, creative thinking is simply made up of a combination of other people’s thoughts you’ve discovered along the way. So the word for today is—be creative.

SoulFood: Gen 37–39, Matt 20:29–34, Ps 136:1–12, Pr 6:30–31
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