Dad, Start A Tradition

Sep 3, 2023
Ephesians 6:4 ESV

Dad, your children deserve a father who will model the Christian life before them, teach them the truth of God’s Word, and show them how to receive the gift of eternal life. And it could be that in your family this beautiful tradition will begin when you commit your life to Jesus Christ.

Author and Bible teacher Gordon MacDonald tells the story of three mediaeval stonemasons who were working on a building project, when a passer–by asked them what they were doing. ‘The first replied that he was laying bricks. The second described his work as that of building a wall. But it was the third stonemason who demonstrated genuine esteem for his work when he said, “I’m raising a great Cathedral.” Ask that same question to any two fathers concerning their role in the family and you are likely to get the same kind of contrast. The first may say, “I’m supporting a family.” But the second may see things differently and say, “I’m raising children.” The first looks at his job as putting bread on the table. But the second dad sees things from God’s perspective: he’s participating in the shaping of lives.’

R.A. Torrey, the great Bible teacher, once said, ‘A man’s success as a Christian leader cannot be determined until one sees his grandchildren.’ Dad, think about that—you’re not just raising sons and daughters, you’re raising future fathers and mothers. You’re shaping lives today that tomorrow will be shaping the lives of generations to come. And in order to succeed, you must take God with one hand and your children with the other.

SoulFood: Acts 20:7–12, Jer 29:4–14
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